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 새론바이오는  CLEA / Japan의 실험동물을 공급합니다.

 Immunodeficiency Models

 BALB/cAJcl-nu/nu - Immunodeficiency models Mice lacking T-cell function

 F344/NJcl-rnu/rnu - Immunodeficiency models Rats lacking T-cell function

 C.B-17/Icr-scid/scid Jcl - Mice lacking B-cell and T-cell function

 NOD/ShiJic-scid Jcl 
- Mice lacking T-cell and B-cell function and having decreased NK activity, complement activity, and macrophage function

 ALY/NscJcl-aly/aly - Mice lacking lymph nodes and Peyer’s patches

 Diabetes Models

 KK/TaJcl - Type 2 Diabetes Model Mouse

 KK-Ay/TaJcl - Type 2 Diabetes Model Mouse

 BKS.Cg-m +/+ Leprdb/Jcl - Type 2 Diabetes Model Mouse

 GK/Jcl - Type 2 Diabetes Model Rat

 SDT/Jcl - Type 2 Diabetes Model Rat

 SDT fatty - Type 2 Diabetes Model Rat

 NOD/Shi Jic - Type 1 Diabetes Model Mouse

 Genetically Modified Animals

 CByB6F1-Tg(HRAS)2Jic (*Former name Jic:CB6F1-TgrasH2@Jcl) - Short-term Carcinogenesis Study Model Mouse

 Klotho/JclHuman Premature Geriatric Syndrome Model Mouse

 α-Klotho KO - Biohomeostasis Mechanism Analysis Model Mouse

 OVA-IgE (Egg Allergy Model) -  Allergy Model Mice

 TNP-IgE (Chemical Substance Allergy Model) - Allergy Model Mice

 Other Disease Models and Germ-Free Animals

 ODS/ShiJcl-od/od - Ascorbic Acid Synthetic Ability-lacking Model Rats

 SKG/Jcl - Rheumatoid Arthritis Models

 NOA/Jcl - Models for Verifying the Efficacy of External Moisturizing Agents and External Bactericidal Antiseptic Agents

 IQI/Jic [Gf] (ICR) - Germ-Free Mice, Rats

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